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MyEdMaster Announces TJ Readiness Class

Congratulations to those students who were admitted to TJ as 9th graders for the fall of 2018! Now, the hard part comes: succeeding at TJ. Many students find the transition from a base middle school to TJ challenging, given the advanced courses that TJ offers in math, science, and technology. Many TJ students report that the TJ classes move quickly and students are often expected to learn much of the curriculum on their own. This is particularly true for math, where many students who are used to getting A’s and A+’s in middle school find themselves with B’s and B-‘s at TJ. We have found that students who succeed in 9th grade generally successfully complete TJ and are prepared to compete for top colleges.
Therefore, MyEdMaster is pleased to offer, for the sixth consecutive year, its summer TJ readiness class for rising TJ 9th graders. The class meets 3 hours weekly and covers the 9th-grade curriculum for math (data analysis class required of all incoming freshman), biology, and Java programming (1 hour for each class). By covering the curriculum over the summer in a small group setting, students are able to absorb the material at a more comfortable pace and when they enroll in TJ in the fall, the three most challenging classes are more like a review than a “sink or swim” exposure to new material.
The class will meet 10am-1pm at our Herndon center (13750 Sunrise Valley Dr., Herndon, VA 20171) every Sunday from June 3 to August 26 (13 classes total). Java will start at 10 am (and will be available for non-TJ students as well), biology at 11 am and math at noon. 
For those doing Research Statistics over the summer at TJ, we can begin review of the curriculum right away on a tutoring basis for the same price. Our instructors all have extensive experience teaching their respective subjects to TJ students. Tuition is $260 per subject for the 13-week class and the package of three subjects is discounted to $750 for the 13 weeks, 3 hour per week class.
For more information, please call Dr. Leddo at 571-242-6986 or email him at You may register your child by email or on our website,