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MyEdMaster Student Accomplishments for April and May

29 of 41 of our students made Thomas Jefferson High School, Academy of Science, or Academy of Engineering and Technology.

With Dr. Leddo’s help, 1 student got accepted for a summer internship at Harvard University.

Patel, Kush and Leddo, John, “Self vs. others’ decisions on saving vs spending money”, a research project conducted under MyEdMaster’s Be a Published Scientist program was accepted for publication in the Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Studies.

Our social media company, A-list Empire, that was created by MyEdMaster students and Dr. Leddo, presented at an investor conference in Washington, DC and now we are talking to two potential investors from that conference.

MyEdMaster teams won first and second place at the Technology Student Association TEAMS competition middle school division at the state level in Virginia and will be competing for the national championship in Nashville, TN on June 29-30.

MyEdMaster was featured in the April, 2016 edition of the Loudouner Magazine as a resource for students seeking to get into top colleges.