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Science Research Academy

This program is designed for students trying to get into TJ/AOS and high school students looking to apply to a scientific, engineering, or pre-med program in a top college.  Students learn how to conduct original scientific research, design and conduct an actual experiment and try to get it published in a scientific journal.  Generally, students who successfully publish papers gain admission to top colleges.  To date, about 50-60 MyEdMaster students have published papers under this program. This ongoing program will be led by Dr. John Leddo, who has 50 publications and professional conference presentations of original scientific research.

The program starts with a 7-day seminar on principles of scientific research where students learn how to conduct literature reviews, experimental design, statistical data analysis, and writing scientific papers.  Afterward, students work together and with Dr. Leddo to design and conduct experiments.

We will hold courses in both our Ashburn and Herndon centers.  The Ashburn seminar runs weekdays from Monday, June 10 to Tuesday, June 18 from 9 am to 11 am.  The Herndon seminar runs weekdays from Friday, June 14 to Monday, June 24, from noon-2 pm. Seminar tuition is $300.  After that, students meet at the Herndon center for day program (9am-5pm) weekdays to begin their research.

The tuition for this phase is $35 per day.

For those unable to make the day program, they can work with Dr. Leddo individually at our regular tutoring rates of $28 per hour.