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Summer Program

MyEdMaster Summer Program 2019

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contact Dr. John Leddo at 571-242-6986 or email him at

Day Program in Herndon

This program is designed for families looking for day programs for their kids.  Students can spend their time being tutored on academic subjects, test preparation (SAT, ACT, SAT II, TJ test, PSAT, CoGAT, NNAT, SSAT, SCAT, GRE), scientific research, or the summer internship program. Students can also receive assistance from Dr. John Leddo, a 30-year education veteran, in all phases of their college search and application including how to pick the right program, building a relationship with the desired college, building the right resume for the application, application preparation (including the essay), and college interviewing. Also, students taking summer courses can come in each day to receive help on those courses. The day program runs Monday-Friday from 9-5 in Herndon.

Tuition is $35 per day.

Science Research Academy

This program is designed for students trying to get into TJ/AOS and high school students looking to apply to a scientific, engineering, or pre-med program in a top college.  Students learn how to conduct original scientific research, design and conduct an actual experiment and try to get it published in a scientific journal.  Generally, students who successfully publish papers gain admission to top colleges.  To date, about 50-60 MyEdMaster students have published papers under this program. This ongoing program will be led by Dr. John Leddo, who has 50 publications and professional conference presentations of original scientific research.

The program starts with a 7-day seminar on principles of scientific research where students learn how to conduct literature reviews, experimental design, statistical data analysis, and writing scientific papers.  Afterward, students work together and with Dr. Leddo to design and conduct experiments.

We will hold courses in both our Ashburn and Herndon centers.  The Ashburn seminar runs weekdays from Monday, June 10 to Tuesday, June 18 from 9 am to 11 am.  The Herndon seminar runs weekdays from Friday, June 14 to Monday, June 24, from noon-2 pm. Seminar tuition is $300. After that, students meet at the Herndon center for day program (9am-5pm) weekdays to begin their research.

The tuition for this phase is $35 per day.

For those unable to make the day program, they can work with Dr. Leddo individually at our regular tutoring rates of $28 per hour.

Summer Geometry Class

This course is designed for students taking the summer Geometry course for credit in either Fairfax or Loudoun County.   The summer course is fast-paced and the class gives students the opportunity to come in on a daily basis if needed to receive help with homework and other assignments assigned in the summer program.

We treat this like our day program so tuition is $35 per day for each day a student comes in for help.

Basic Java Class

The basic Java class is for students who have no prior experience in Java and wish to learn the fundamentals.  It is taught by a Java professional, Anil Yeddu.  It meets every Sunday from 11 am-12 noon starting June 1 to August 25 in our Herndon center.

Tuition is $260.

Java Class Leading to American Computer Science League spring competition

This class is for students who are interested in learning Java and ultimately competing in the American Computer Science League competition next spring.  The first three months of the course is devoted to learning Java and then the focus shifts to competition programming and math.  This will be MyEdMaster’s fifth year fielding an ACSL team.

Tuition is $40 per class, which meets weekly for 2 hours.

Thomas Jefferson Success Class for Students Accepted to Thomas Jefferson

Congratulations to those students who were admitted to TJ as 9th graders for the fall of 2018.  Now, the hard part comes:  succeeding at TJ.  Many students find the transition from a base middle school to TJ challenging, given the advanced courses that TJ offers in math, science and technology.  Many TJ students report that the TJ classes move quickly and students are often expected to learn much of the curriculum on their own.  This is particularly true for math, where many students who are used to getting A’s and A+’s in middle school find themselves with B’s and B-‘s at TJ.  We have found that students who succeed in 9th grade generally successfully complete TJ and are prepared to compete for top colleges.

Therefore, MyEdMaster is pleased to offer, for the fifth consecutive year, its summer TJ readiness class for rising TJ 9th graders.  The class meets 3 hours weekly starting June 3 and covers the 9th grade curriculum for math (data analysis class required of all in-coming freshman), biology, and Java programming (1 hour for each class).  By covering the curriculum over the summer in a small group setting, students are able to absorb the material at a more comfortable pace and when they enroll in TJ in the fall, the three most challenging classes are more like a review than a “sink or swim” exposure to new material.

The course meets Sundays in Herndon.  Biology is taught from 10-11am, Java from 11-12 and research statistics from noon to 1pm. Students can enroll in any or all of these subjects.

Tuition is $260 per subject (13 classes) or $750 if all subjects are enrolled for.

First Lego League Robotics

This is our eighth season offering First Lego League robotics.  Previously, we had a team perform so well at the state competition that we were one of 50 teams invited to compete in an invitation-only international FLL competition that was co-sponsored by NASA.  This year, we are offering teams for grades 5-8 in both Herndon and Ashburn.  The Herndon team meets on Saturdays from 10 am -1 pm and the Ashburn team meets 2 to 5 pm, both starting July 14.

Tuition is a one-time fee of $700.

TJ Class in Herndon 

This class is designed for students taking the new and redesigned Thomas Jefferson High School admission test.   The class covers reading, math, science, essay writing, and preparation of the student information sheet.  Starting in September, students will take full length, timed TJ tests.  We feature a total success approach where we guide students on every facet of TJ admissions including what extracurricular activities to take, how to screen teachers to insure that students get the best recommendations possible, and some “secret weapons” not covered in other preparation programs.  The class meets Fridays from 5-8 pm in our Herndon center.

Tuition is $210 per month.

Customized tutoring is also available at $28 per hour.

TJ/AOS class in Ashburn

This class is designed for Loudoun County students who will apply to both Thomas Jefferson High School,  Academy of Science, and Academy of Engineering and Technology.   The class covers both TJ and PSAT tests, the critical thinking tests used by AOS and AET, as well as essay writing, preparation of the TJ of the student information sheet and AOS Part II.  Starting in September, students will take full length, timed PSAT and TJ tests to prepare for AOS and TJ.  We feature a total success approach where we guide students on every facet of TJ/AOS admissions including what extracurricular activities to take, how to screen teachers to insure that students get the best recommendations possible, and some “secret weapons” not covered in other preparation programs.  The class meets Saturdays 8:45am to 11:45am at our Ashburn center.

Tuition is $210 per month.

Customized tutoring is also available at $28 per hour.

Summer Internship Program

In order to give our students valuable experience and accomplishments for their TJ, AOS, college, and professional applications, MyEdMaster has formed a summer internship program.  Students will work with experienced professionals to create an education website that features educational software that uses artificial intelligence and voice technology. Our students are also collaborating with Merlin International to create cyber security software products for commercial use.  Middle, high school, and college students with skills in javascript, HTML, CSS, Python programming, website design, databases, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and statistics are invited to join the project.  To date, our work has been published in 3 scientific journals, presented at an educational conference, and we received a paid project to develop a cybersecurity training system.

There is no charge for this internship program; rather students who contribute will receive stock options in the newly formed A-list Empire, Inc. company that will house the finished website.