Control Panel:

Manages the users’ activities, Permissions for each group of users, Registrations and Login credentials, Reports, Filtering and Loging.

Back-end/ Mid-Layer:

All of the codes that the system needs to act like a glue and manage all the communications and requests and responses between different pasts of the system.

Artificial intelligence (AI Engine):

It will make sense of user entry and tries to find a pattern between what the user is asking or entering with what makes sense to the Mid Layer or Python code and what the system already know in its huge library to fill the gap and show the closest possible answer.

Main Database:

Holds all of the information that the system needs to keep from users or activities.In the future, it will be used to make the AI smarter and more and more sophisticated.

Public Website:

It will be available to public to Register and Login, or get the information that they need to learn more about the system and of course necessary links.

Temporary Database:

It will keep only the record set that all compiled and handled by AI for finding the relationship between the texts and Arrays that AI engine needs to look at. After the bach is handled by AI.