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Udaya Allu

MyEdMaster has been of tremendous help to my son. It is not only preparation for SAT, but also motivating and preparing the teenager for college. SAT score improved more than what is promised by them. And our son is feeling more confident about getting into a better college now than when he initially started going to MyEdMaster. John Leddo leading this effort with his top credentials from Yale University helped my son in a unique and customized way. The small group tutoring they offered as one of the choices and we opted is working for us optimally for a very reasonable and affordable cost. John as we know is not a simple teacher or tutor but a top educational psychologist who applied it to understand and motivate our Son. We as parents are seeing that MyEdMaster has been applying the strategy they mentioned on their website. And that is emphasis is on individual student attention by addressing student deficiencies through subject concepts, test strategies and regular tests. And they provide periodic feedback to parents and take appropriate steps to ensure that students achieve their highest academic potential. Now we believe that their programs are based on scientifically-validated teaching principles and their proven strategy enabled the students to score high in tests and improve their school grades. They arranged many personal meetings both alone and with our son to review, suggest and strategize to improve our son’s performance both at home and school. We are so much thankful for the help they are doing. We wish them all the success for the institute and prosper in their tutoring business.