College Counseling

Applying to college and even elite high schools can be the most consequential activity a student can engage in.  Choosing the right college is an important decision and doing the right things to insure that college accepts you can play a big difference in your future.  MyEdMaster’s founders, Dr. John Leddo (graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University) and Yihong Sun (graduate of Peking University, the top university in China) know what it takes to gain admission into top schools.

At MyEdMaster, we take a “whole student, whole success” approach to helping students gain admission to top colleges and also elite high schools. We understand that top schools these days are highly competitive and most highly qualified students will be turned down by elite colleges.  Students need to stand out from the other top students and answer the fundamental question that all colleges are asking of their applicants, “Why should we admit YOU?” Our “whole student, whole success” approach is designed to let students give a compelling answer to that question. Our results speak for themselves as we routinely have our students get into Ivy League colleges, MIT, Stanford, Duke, University of Chicago, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, and guaranteed medical programs.  We also help students get into elite high schools like Phillips Exeter Academy, Georgetown Prep, and have a 75% acceptance rate for students applying to Thomas Jefferson or Academies of Loudoun.

We customize our counseling based on student’s desired school and major.  We help them build a resume for their application, build a relationship with their desired school ahead of time, and with the application process itself.

Our “whole student, whole success” approach starts with course selection.  We help students pick the right courses to impress colleges and prepare them for their majors.  We offer personalized tutoring to help students get top grades in the courses we take.  We offer test preparation classes for SAT, ACT, SAT II and GRE (for those applying to graduate school).  We also offer extra-curricular activities to help students stand out and we give guidance on other extracurriculars they can do. But we don’t stop there.

We help students pick the right college for them and build a relationship with that college.  We show students how to evaluate colleges and find ones that are right for them.  We help them build relationships with those colleges by reaching out to potential mentors/professors that they can work with when they are there.  We help students obtain internships with those professors. This is important for showing colleges the students’ true commitment to those colleges and to insure that students will get the most from their college experiences when they are there.  Dr. Leddo credits finding his own mentor at Yale ahead of his application with the successful experience he had while he was there.

We help with the application process itself.  We help students screen teachers ahead of time to insure that students pick the right ones who will right strong letters of application.  Dr. Leddo has personally written numerous college recommendation letters for MyEdMaster students.  We recognize that college essays are not about answering writing prompts but marketing the student to the college he or she is applying to.  We help students showcase their achievements, while matching the values and offerings of their colleges and demonstrating commitment to those colleges. We guide students what to look for in their college visits and how to conduct themselves during their college interviews.

College and elite high school counseling services are offered on a 1-1 basis at $65 per hour. When you compare our experience and track record to counseling services that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you’ll see that MyEdMaster offers the best value around.