Test Preparation

We offer test preparation for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT II subject tests, Thomas Jefferson admissions, Academies of Loudoun Admissions, SSAT/ISEE, AP exams, Virginia SOLs, Iowa and other math placement tests,  CogAT and NNAT, GRE.  Most test preparation instruction is conducted by Dr. Leddo, a Yale PhD with over 30 years of professional experienced.  He uses methods that he developed and are scientifically-proven to increase test scores and have been published in scientific journals. For students applying to colleges and elite high schools, we invite you to check out our College and Elite High School Counseling page to see how we support the complete application process beyond just the test taking part.

MyEdMaster offers three formats for test preparation:  personalized tutoring in a small group setting, classroom style instruction, and one-to-one online instruction so that students may receive tutoring at times convenient to them and without leaving their homes.  We are open seven days a week and are very flexible in our times and programs.  Your child can even switch formats based on her or his needs and preferences. Personalized and online tutoring can be for as much time per session as you like.  Your child can have a one-hour session, one and one half-hour session, two-hour session or longer.  We know that different kids need different amounts of time to learn, so we don’t set fixed amounts of time for our classes.  We also know that people’s schedules can change.  For our personalized tutoring and online sessions, you can decide when to bring and pick up your child.

Our SAT group instruction meets 9am to 12 noon on Sundays online. Our Academies of Loudoun/Thomas Jefferson group instruction meets 9 am to 12 noon on Saturdays online. Test preparation tutoring and online instruction are available all other times we are open. Tuition for classroom style instruction is $72 per class, and $40 per hour for personalized and online tutoring. In-person instruction is available on a walk-in basis on Sundays from 1-5 pm at the Courtyard Marriott at 13715 Sayward Boulevard in Herndon where we rent its meeting room.

The results we have speak for themselves.  Many of our students score in the 1500’s or even get perfect scores on their SATs.  Most students score in the 30s on their ACTs.  Roughly 75% of students get accepted to Thomas Jefferson or Academies of Loudoun. Almost all students taking math placement tests or CogAT/NNAT tests for advanced math classes or gifted and talented programs get accepted into those programs. Check out our Success Stories page for more on our successes.

Note: for the 1-1 tutoring sessions, no-show sessions (those for which the student does not show up and are not cancelled ahead of time) will be charged $40.

We offer:

The highest quality instructor, a Yale PhD with more than 30 years of professional experience
Scientifically-validated teaching methods that have been published in scientific journals
A record of stellar results for our students
Much lower tutoring rates ($40 per hour for personalized and online instruction, $72 per class for classroom-style instruction)

When looking for test preparation for your child, ask the following:

What are the specific qualifications of the person who will be teaching my child?
Will my child get the same teacher each time?
Have the teaching methods the tutor uses been scientifically-validated and published in scientific journals?
Can I bring my child for as long as he or she needs or is there a set amount of time for the class? What if my child is done studying early or needs more time?