Our Strategy

We take a “whole-student, whole success” approach to insure each student’s success.  We recognize that there is more to success than getting a good grade or test score.  A student must have a solid foundation of concepts and skills that go beyond just giving the right answer to a question.  A student needs advanced comprehension, analysis, problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills to succeed.  We use scientifically-validated teaching methods to insure that students master the material they are taught and use regular assessment to diagnose additional learning needs.  Because many of our teaching methods have been developed by Dr. Leddo and are not used in other centers, we regularly create our own curricula.

We also recognize that getting into top colleges and programs such as Thomas Jefferson and Academies of Loudoun involve more than just good grades and good test scores.  These highly selective programs look for students who stand out.  Our “whole-student approach” means that we work with each student individually to build strong credentials that increase the student’s chances of selections.  To the best of our knowledge, our “secret weapons of success” are not used by any other tutoring center.